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Nickudu Files - Online Books and Articles - African

Africa - Books

Seven Years in South Africa

Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa – Neumann

Hunting the Elephant in Africa – Stigand

Lake Ngami

Discovery of Lakes Rudolf and Stefanie

The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter

African Campfires – Stewart Edward White

The African Elephant and Its Hunters - Lyell

African Game Trails – S.E. White

The Story of An Outing

The Lion and the Elephant

On Safari Better Book

The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes

Big Game Shooting on the Equator

Big Game Shooting

Briton, Boer and Black

The Land of the Lion

Sport in Asia and Africa

Outing Adventure Library

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo – A Leaflet

Savage Sudan

Camera Adventures in the African Wild

The Game Animals of Africa

Great Explorations in Africa

In Africa

In African Forest and Jungle

In Closed Territory

After Big Game in Africa and India

Life with the Hamran Arabs

Sport, Travel and Adventure

Sport and Travel – East and West - Selous

The Long Trail – Kermit Roosevelt

The Maneaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures .......... Join in the discussion thread

My Apingi Kingdom

A Sportsman’s Wanderings - Millais

Service and Sport on the Tropical Nile

Sport in the Eastern Sudan

Sporting Scenes – Kaffirs of South Africa

Wild Life in Central Africa Lyell

With Flashlight and Rifle 1

With Flashlight and Rifle 2

Hunting Trips in Northern Rhodesia - Lyell

After Big Game in Central Africa - Foa

Fifty Years in South Africa


Bill Jenvey, an Aussie PH in Africa
"Floods and Camel Eating Lions" by Bill Jenvey (2.9 Mb PDF) - ..... Join in the discussion topic

Big Bore Shooting Competition in Africa
"The Big Bore Boom" by Koos Barnard, "Man Magnum" Magazine, May 2012 (0.5 Mb PDF) - ..... Join in the discussion topic

Work and Sport on the Congo

Hartebeest Hunting on the Toyo Plain

Tracking Buffaloes in Africa

Hunting Rhinoceros on the Upper Nile

On the Yellow Veldt of South Africa

A Glimpse at Nubia

Big Game Shooting in South Africa

My First Lions

The Elusive Okapi

The Okavango River

Portuguese East Africa as a Hunting Field

Man Eating Lions

Adventures in Gorilla Land

Another African Hunter

A Hand to Hand Battle with a Lioness

My Adventure With A Lion


After Big Game in Africa and India .......... Join in the discussion thread

Antelope Shooting in Cape Colony

Conflict with an Elephant

Du Chaillu, Gorillas and Cannibals

Big Game Shooting in British East Africa

Elephant Shooting

Encounter with a Lioness

Lion Slayers and Man-Eaters

A Lion Hunt in Somaliland

Seven Years in South Africa

Spots Before Your Eyes

Season of the Snakes

The Wonderful .375

Ghost of the Forest

The Most Dangerous Beasts

An African Hunting Tragedy

Trouble Wears Spots

Roy Weatherby’s Magnums

Witch’s Warrior

Wounded Lion

A Mighty Rifle of the Past

Oryx Grand Slam

Long Stalk for a Sly Sable

Why Magazine Big Bore Rifles Are Best

The Man-Eater of Mfuwe

Rhinos Don’t Need a Reason

Second Hand Lion

Harry Selby’s .416

When Lions Charge

The Killing Machine

Leaders of the Hunt

The Giant of Te-Barku


Lion Hunt - Haliburton

The Horse That Murders - Capstick

The Hunted Game - Ganyana

Hwange Bulls

The Kali Killers

] Karamojo Bell

3 Tons of Trouble

40 Ele a Day

African Assassin

African Encore - Askins

Shooting - Page

Solution Brenneke

At Close Quarters with Leopards – Hugh Prior

Dande North – Harald Wolf

Death in the Tall Grass

Death in the Silent Places 1

Death in the Silent Places 2

Death in the Silent Places 3

Elephant Hunt – Haliburton

Ethiopian Ibex

The Forests of the Congo Basin

Gabon Land of Mystery

Lions Are Deadliest Just Before They Die - Rikhoff

White Rhino

Elephant - Keith

The Elusive Okapi

Lion Conservation in Tanzania

Horn of the Hunter


Bell of Africa

"Kenya Guns and Days" by Finn Aagaard .......... Join in the discussion thread

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