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17/04/06 01:08 AM
Re: Building a double rifle


A couple of the other guns on that list will work. Though 500Nitro just gave you great advice. I mainly use the german guns because they are strong and cheap compared to english guns.

From time to time you can find a Greener with bad barrels for $400-$500. The big thing with online is to ask questions and for more pictures if necessary. It take time but you can get some deals as well. For example I bouth this German 16 ga for conversion for $105.

Just be patient and keep looking.

The stoeger and the baikal/spartan will take the pressure but they are very rough compared to just about all other sxs's. The Miroku 500 and BSS are basically the same gun (same frame as Miroku made the BSS however the Miroku has double triggers and extractors) and are very strong but don't have the third fastner.


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