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13/12/05 01:11 PM
Re: Carmelo update and options

OPTIONS (one or more of these in combination):

1. Send a letter to with a copy of the offending threads and explaining the following:

a. C. uses his website solely for the purpose of defamation.
b. C. hijacked Drummond Lindsey's AR account and therefore cannot be trusted with computer security (crimnial violation).
c. C. has hacked/attacked AR, Mike's home computer, my photobucket account and others probably as well (criminal violation).
d. C. is using company time and/or equipment to engage in this conduct. Now that the company is aware of the problem, if it does not take action to solve it then the company will face joint liability with Carmelo for the defamation as a distributor of defamatory material.

I have no problem with doing this and have considered it in the past

2. Send a similar letter to wankerworld's web host which appears to be


3. Send a similar letter to the Chicago police department's cyber crimes unit requesting a criminal investigation.

Don't know

4. Send a similar letter to the FBI, Chicago field office, requesting a criminal investigation. It is unlikely that either the FBI or the Chicago cops would investigate as this situation does not involve a large amount of money or breach of security of a sensitive computer system (a bank, for example).

Probably not worth it

5. File a defamation lawsuit against Carmelo. Once that process is started it is extremely hard to back out of, and very expensive.

Not interested in this option.

6. Strike a truce with Carmelo (removal of the offensive material and a promise that there will be no repeat or we will take the steps outlined above).

[Erik:]Option 6 would have to also include IMO, a "public" appology on AR to all of use, where he retracts each and every one of the accusations against us, and promises that he will better his ways, and seek professional medical help. And stay off both AR and NE.

Lisciotto is unlikely to agree to this sort of apology, perhaps just another general one. Plus he has used aliases to post the insults and is unlikely to admit all the members of WW is himself.

As for 'staying off AR' I do not want to be part of that as it is Saeeds and Don's concern and not my business. ie I don't want to be seen as interfering in AR.

We could ask for a truce with the removal and ALL references to u on WW, public and private forums and removal of ALL offensive posts about us.

As for removing stuff from AR I am not interested in going back to delete it all and won't be able to for some time anyway.. I think the threat of doing Dan's options 1 - 4 above should be used for leverage, especially the WEB HOST and EMPLOYER options. Tell him we will hit each and every employer he finds if the offensive material stays up. We will make it our business to do so.

The idea of a truce never entered my mind because C. has been so insane in the past.

What do you guys want to do? If we perform steps 1-4, then it is all out war. I don't think anyone is interested in step 5, although it sounds like Carmelo is not in a position to pay counsel for his defense.


1-4 is what Carmen definatly deserves. But, we must ask ourselves if getting the guy fired (even though he deserves to be) is the right thing to do, taking into consideration that he has a wife and kids to support (If that's true, and not just something he said to Don to make Don feel sorry for him).

Jeez, it sounds like I'm all sensitive.

I'm not one bit concerned with Lisciotto's family or his income. I do think if he looses his job it gives him more time to be a troublemaker.

On the otherhand, he has had so many opportunities to stop digging the hole he's in that he doesn't really deserve a second (or is it 50th?) chance. The recent outburst that he had with the pimp/nazi/child-abuse crap came out of the blue, and was totally unprevoked. He hasn't been the topic of discussion on AR for some time, so he had no good reason to "retaliate" against us. And lets not forget the time when we were all accused of being NAMBLA members, and God knows what else. I'm sure John or others have copies of those posts too.

Some of the comments were provoked but not of course the nature of his comments. The recent ErikD attack is probably because he is a nut-job and read some vague comment the wrong way. Maybe we called you 'sensitive' or something and it set him off again.

I will be away from tonight though I might log-in from a Singapore hotel. DON'T tell Lisciotto I am away (even though it is on the public websites, the actual days are not marked).

My mobile phone number is +61 438 804 277 if there is any emergencies.

I think asking for an "armed truce" (ie the employer and web host options of attack) is the best way to go, with the removal of all offensive material by him and keeps it removed.

Note it is in AR's interest for us to have a big fight with Lisciotto. In the end if Don's truce stays true, it only hurts us. Lisciotto is now totally stuff with no reputation at anyway.

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