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22/10/05 08:54 AM
Re: Building a double rifle

As to the checkering, one vote for each style. I guess I will waite for a few more votes. One thing I have found about building double rifles is the hole concept is addictive!!! You find some long forgotten gun with all the charistics needed for a double rifle and reserect it into some thing finer then it was and give it a new life.
It is sort of like working with an old, military action you fuss, cut, tinker until it is just right and from the ugly duckling comes the swaun. I guess that is what I like about building custom rifles for a living. I also guess I am trying to tell you I found another canidate for a double rifle. This too is a French 16 gauge, (Where are all the 12 gauges?) it has side clips, third fastener, double under lugs and double bites. The cute little gun was double proofed and this means its proof loads were far higher then pressure then the 450#2 or the 475#2 so I have several choices. I am on the reluctant side about the 475 due to the gun being a 16 but the pressure per squaire inch is the same and due to the bigger bore it would come out lighter and ballance better then a 450.
If any of you have had experance with the .475#2 N.E. let me know what you think, please. This new project gun was built by Brunet A Chartres and is lightly engraved with a color case hardened reciever, do any of you know any thing about his guns?

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