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19/10/05 07:52 AM
Re: Building a double rifle

Thank you for your input and your point about ballance is well taken. I am lucky with this project as have you ever picked up a piece of Blackthorn? This wood is very heavy and dence so keeping the balance was not much of a problem. Also the quater rib is not hollow as many are I wanted the weight back there. No this caliber rifle does not need this much weight but like I mentioned with the R.A. I would like the rifle heavy to slow the recoil a bit.
There is a guy around here who builds 45-70 doubles by sleezing the barrels, he uses such actions as Savage 311 and other low strength and cheep doubles not only IMHO dumb but it really shows your point about the ballance they are clubs, and slow clubs at that! My rifle balances just forward of the hindge pin with out the scope and a bit back on the action with it in place.
This point about ballance is good to bring up. In our shop we specialise in building guns to fit the shooter. I want a rifle, when brought to the shoulder to point where the shooter is looking. This involves not only such things as cast off or cast on but also just as important is ballance. A heavy, properly fitted and ballanced rifle, (if you are used to the weight) will still handle fast and point true. The same can not be said for a poorly ballanced and fitted light rifle.
One more thing, that is a very nice rifle you have there!! And keep throwing your two cents worth into the think tank I value your imput and comments.

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