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04/04/14 11:50 AM
Re: Sabatti Double Rifles, Brickbats & Bouquets

You might be right, but I'm from have to SHOW me...and that might be a bit of a problem seeing that there are a lot of reasons for the bullet to "wander off course" when penetrating a gnarly beasty...even the premium CNC brass bullets or other solids don't always go straight.

Not trying to be difficult...I haven't been to Africa but I've kill a lot of N/A game up to moose and a few difficult Mexican Brahma and Santa Gertrudis bulls. I don't count deer, antelope or elk...those are just for camp meat or Sunday diner.

Unless I hit the Lotto, a trip to Africa or Australia is just a dream. Sage rats are abundant around my place. I have several 45 and 50 cals including a 45-120, basically a 450NE 3 1/4". It gets loaded with 435, 450 and 500 gr bullets plus the 720 T-Rex now and then. The 50's add 100 gr per bullet. I just got a new mold for my 715 gr FNGC...#51-690B Accurate molds if you're interested. That's for my 50-70 SHUSH wannabe SSK 510 Whisper A-MAX. I use the sage rats to keep my eye...and the large cals to stay abreast of the's easy to get soft by shooting the small cals all the time.

I just thought a 470NE would fit nicely between the 45 and 50 cals and I don't have a real double rifle, just a couple of po'boy double shotguns that do very well out to about 65-70 yds. My 50 Rigby wildcat surpasses the 500 NE by a couple hundred fs but a 500NE double rifle would be very nice also.

I looked at the 450/400 but 40 cal isn't to my taste.

After all the problems of regulating ALL brands of double rifles I've read, I'm beginning to cool off on buying one.


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