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04/12/20 02:04 AM
Re: Manual cocking device instead of a safety

I had a friend, now deceased, who briefly considered a Krieghoff double rifle with its manual cocking device. After trying one, he concluded that cocking both barrels at once, as this device does, requires too much effort and that his thumb was not up to the task (he was in his early 60's at the time). Althouogh I own several Krieghoff double rifles and combination guns, all are of over and under configuration, and do not have that feature. Now that I'm in my 80's, I wouldn't consider owning one with it.

Krieghoff used to have a feature with its drillings called Separatekugelspannung, which meant a device to cock the rifle barrel just before use, so that the drilling was normally carried with the rifle barrel uncocked. Cocking was accomplished either by a slide on the neck of the stock, where the safety would normally be located, or with a lever on the side of the action, to be activated with the left hand. I have several drillings with the latter feature and find it quick and easy to use and the safety remains in the normal place for a double shotgun, thus avoiding confusion.

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