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10/02/17 12:27 PM
Re: Cowboy Action Shooting Kid


My .38 special load is 2.8 gns of Bullseye, Red Dot.......... whatever and it worries me that it's not consider light enough to be a "Mouse Fart" load.

These loads knock everything down..........but the distances are short. I'm not talking the long range Cowboy Rifle Silhouette course here.

Great match requiring considerable dexterity with four guns. Plenty of scope for major foul ups, jams, missed targets.

Shooting the shotgun would be great practice for loading and shooting a double rifle that has no ejectors and two triggers.

Here in Australia we're pretty much limited to side by sides.

A greener crossbolt is a definite disadvantage in a "cowboy" shotgun.

We shoot a lot of courses where sideways changes to shoot positions are required but few that require moving forward down the range. I think it would be good if it were like multiple gun Cowboy IPSC where you shot "Comstock" courses requiring lots of movement.............but then again if my knees where bad perhaps I wouldn't be so keen on "lots of movement".

Everybody should go and take a look at one of these matches. It's not accurate shooting but it's great for the spectators. When you see what the better shooters can do, in such a short amount of time with four different guns, you'll get an appreciation for it..............if you're paying attention.

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