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31/08/09 02:17 AM
Re: winchester 95 9,3x53R

Lars, email them to me and I'll post them. Just make sure they are small enough since I am on slow dialup and can't take large files. 500kb is about max.

So you passed the hirvi test with the 9,3 95? Great job!!

I really do not think many Americans know how much a good "general skills" annual TEST goes to make for confident, solid killing shots in the field. I'll concede that we don't want a government-run test here, but I encourage every individual to set up a test of their own and abide by it; pass or fail and stick to the rules.

We use the Norwegian reinsdyrblinker here, both as a 100 meter test and as a 200 yard and 300 meter practice target. We shoot 200 from sitting, elbows on knees, and after passing that way, shooting from 100 is easy. I WISH I could rig up a running target...

Bravo on the shooting, and we expect to see hirvi and kivaari soon!

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