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30/08/09 02:51 AM
Re: winchester 95 9,3x53R

Went to the range today for the big game hunting license shooting test.
It's not really a "test" anymore: you shoot 4 shots within 90 seconds on a standing target @75m (83yds) and you are allowed to use bench rest. For moose license you need to hit within a circle of 23cm (9"), and for bear license it's 17cm (about 6.5"). The test used to consist of 3 shots within 20 seconds on a standing target, plus 3 (or was it 4?) shots on a running target that was visible for 4.5 sec. No rest allowed. Many hunting parties still have their "internal" tests which are pretty similar to the old test, or a modification e.g. more shots and various distances.
I passed the bear test with flying colors on the first try! The group of 4 shots was about 6cm (just under 2.5").
My friend then had a test shoot, and he strongly disliked the mechanism and the recoil - but I sure gained his respect for passing the test! He shoots a scoped Sako 75 in .308.

I also shot some 180grs Sako Hammerhead hunting loads, but the grouping seemed poor. I'll need to retry those, as that's the only viable factory hunting ammo available. If no good, I'll have some handloads made.

Another update:
I have an already "spoiled" m/1895 in 8,2x53R that I took to the gunsmith for some mods - called him on Friday to get an update, and the project seems to be going fine. The biggest job is to convert it to take-down, and also the sights & stock are being altered. I took good care of the old, original stock, of course. That's about the only remaining original part on that particular rifle, you see. Plus of course the screwdriver tool!

- Lars

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