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28/08/09 06:25 AM
Re: winchester 95 9,3x53R

Back to the best thread on the m/ 1895 ever!

Just bought a 7,62x53R @ the local dealer for 240.

Alas, the front stock is cut and the rear sight is not original, but otherwise the gun is in good condition.
The paraphernalia, of course, are missing; and also the original sling which features the patented length adjustment clip. But I have one of those on my other one.
But: It does have the "ears" for the load clip, as well as the quick-detachable sling mount at the rear (which can be fastened in front of the magazine box in Ching Sling style for added support. How many of you knew the secret behind that little loop by the magazine box, eh?).
The Russian markings are rather worn.

Shot 44mm and 38mm groups @ 100m (110 yds), i.e. i.r.o. 1.5"! Grouped 2 shots at 12mm, less than 0.5" that is! Used bench rest but still no mean feat with open sights. The ammo I used was 8g (123grs) Sako Range FMJ.
I'll be getting some 180grs Sako Hammerhead Softpoints tomorrow, so more test shooting to follow.

I'd love to post pics for you all to enjoy - could someone help me out on this one, please?

- Lars/Finland

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