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29/04/09 04:46 AM
Re: winchester 95 9,3x53R

Thanks :-)

First I must say: I am no hunter, so this rifle will only kill papertargets with me behind it.
But I collect finnisch military weapons and now also finnish and russian hunting/sporting weapons.
The M95 is the first step into my new collecting field.

Therefore also some corrections on teh names used for finnisch military rifles:

"Pystykorva" aplies only to the Army m/27, wile the Civil Guard rifles m/28 and m/28-30 were called "Suojeluskunnan Pystykorva".
The later m/39 was named "Ukko Pekka" after President Svinhufvud.
The earlier m/24 is the "Lotta Kivääri" and the SMG m/44 was called "Pelti Heikki".
The L39 anti tank rifle was named "Norsu Pyssy".
Some pistol nicknames: Mauser C96 = Ukko Mauser
Mauser M1914 = Akka Mauser.


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