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29/04/09 12:32 AM
Re: winchester 95 9,3x53R


first that was found for me in finnland was a barrel for the arisaka in 9,3x53R. dont know how it works with the arisaka magazin. I heard that the arisaka is loved from finish custom gunmaker till our times because the action is strong like hell.


Yes, some of our gunsmiths from the '50's had a fondness for it, too. Ackely's tests indicated it to be very strong indeed. Trouble is, the 6.5 action lacks recoil shoulders and that adds work for the gunsmith if he intends to use it with a heavy-kicking cartridge.

Strange the barrel was 9.3x53R. I wonder if it just didn't work out.

Totally Off-Topic, but I almost bought a .257 Roberts built on an Arisaka action from a Hollywood quickdraw stuntman who settled in a woods cabin nearby. He got in a scrape with a local fellow over a woman, planted a .44 round in the fellow's chest and then subsequently left the area and I never again saw the rifle again. The fellow sporting the hole survived, but later was "accidently" shot with a 7mm Remington Magnum by a drunk kid through the wall of the kid's house during an altercation between the fellow and the kid's father over...a woman! The kid and the kid's father buried the corpse under a slash pile in the mountains and then a couple years later spilled the beans, or rather, one of them or somebody they told went about chatting about it in public until the Authorities heard about during the winter last year. After the snow melted, the Sheriff found the remains of the fellow and last I heard both kid and father are lounging about under lock and key.

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