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28/04/09 08:32 PM
Re: winchester 95 9,3x53R



Many members on this forum seem to hold the 9,3x57(R) in very high esteem which would suggest that the 9,3x53R is potent, indeed, beyond the official load data and old factory loadings.

- Lars

it all started once with the 9x57 Mauser!

its my impression that cartridges like 9x56 Mannlicher Schönauer, 9x57 Mauser, 9,3x57 Mauser and 9,5x56 Mannlicher Schönauer are worth more than people believe today. not only because the brass is easy to form from common cases and you hold your money for other projects.
I see pic is to small, again.

9,3x53R 255 grain sako softpoint 51,1 grains N 140 710 m/sec 3000 bar
9,3x57 255 grain sako softpoint 50,9 grains N 140 690 m/sec 2600 bar

another interesting load to compare

9x57R Mauser 250 grains speer softpoint 47,0 grains N140 675 m/sec 2500 bar
this load is also to use for the rimless 9x57 Mauser ( rifles in 9x57 mauser are also underated today)

the 9,3x53R is a very fine cartridge and I am sorry that they dont find the interest in their country anymore. seeing hundreds of husqvarna in 9,3x57 leaving sweden today. good to have such a rifle but its allways a lost for the country and its culture. hear that the swedish find a new interest in this guns today. you have allways to lost a thing to know what its worth. the finish mosin conversion was born from gun laws and a lost war, now its the work of some gun nuts to dont let it die.

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