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27/04/09 04:45 AM
Re: winchester 95 9,3x53R



Is the Finnish round similar to the Russian Medved round? It would be interesting to find out if these rifles were converted in Finland or in Russia . . .

Mehul, good question; I have seen the Medved round listed as "9x54R" or "9x53R" but have read that the bullet is actually 9.3 caliber {.366}. I have never seen a Russky 9x53R round.


As far as this rifle and chambering are concerned, I don't think you'll find any/many in Russia. This rifle/chambering is almost exclusively Finnish. I have read some disagreement as to whether most of the Russian contract 95's went to Finland, but certainly a large number did. Finland was, in 1916, still ruled by the Czar and some have noted that Finnish army units were armed with the 95's and received the lion's share of the shipments which numbered over 100,000 in toto. Alot were consumed in the period 1917-1922 also from what I have read.

The one pictured here is a really nice one.

The round is, as noted, the spittin' image, ballistically-speaking, of the 9.3x57, which is to say it is an excellent round.

BTW: My SAKO rounds pictured were given to me by Henri Paasikivi, the President of SAKO in the '80's, with whom I corresponded.

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