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27/04/09 12:51 AM
Re: winchester 95 9,3x53R


I have read about these {and of course the more common Mosin-Nagant rebuilds but have yet to actually see one "in the flesh"}.

Surely there can be no gun with a more interesting history than these.

From Winchester plant to Czarist Russian armies, to the "new" state of Finland, to the pursuit of hirvi...wonderful!

Many do not know that this model 95 was the most commonly produced Model 95 made. 7.62x53R/7.62x54R was the most common caliber made in the 95!

Thanks for posting!

Below are some rounds for comparison. 7.62x53R is the Finnish designation for the 7.62x54R.


1] .303 British {for our UK/Canuck/Aussie/NZ contingent }

2] 7.62x53R

3] 8,2x53R {the "Moose Law" round}

4] .33 Winchester

5] 9,3x53R

6] 9,3x57

7] 9,3x62

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