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04/04/21 01:57 PM
Re: What did you do in the reloading room today.

More fiddling with the 25-20

My interest today was a bit of a stretch.

The Savage 23b is known to do well with the 60 grain spitzer or JHP bullet. Of course, there's nothing in current production that's anything like the old Remington 60gr Mushroom

I have a small quantity of old vintage 60gr JHP bullets, but it would just be wasteful to blow what few of them that I have as any load development would be for nothing as I can't get more to reproduce the results down range.

I do however have two 5-gallon buckets full of spent 22lr brass and some swaging equipment. Fortunately in the assortment of dies is an interesting set of 257 dies.

I'd heard many times that 22lr brass would be too thin and/or small for the 25 caliber. I'd also heard of it working out.
Today I found out for myself.

This morning was a somewhat hasty poke at the issue. I wasn't going for a perfected process or a polished result. I just wanted to see what the point form would look like coming out of the 25 caliber spitzer dies. I'd never used them before.

It's kind of a nice looking little bullet.

I annealed the case, dropped it in water, blew it out, and with a piece of core wire weighed out for a 60gr finished bullet I seated in a 6mm core seating die, then transfered that to the 25 caliber dies for swaging up and pointing.

It yeilds a JHP that's longer than the vintage 60gr JHP. Different ogive shape gets it there.

Further attempts will get properly cleaned jacket material, and I'll likely wet tumble the derimmed brass in stainless pins before I seat and swage. They'll look nicer for sure.
As it is, with the thin jacket and soft core, it should be pretty nasty at the relatively low (2000fps+) speed that the 25-20 rifle and 256 Winchester revolver can provide.

We'll see.

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