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08/09/20 12:32 PM
Re: How important is a metplat on cast bullets for hunting

Thanks for That Rhodes. I found his site on the web and then just read some of the Leverguns articles. Excellent reading. The ammo I was talking about with the very hard cast 405 grain projectiles is made by Grizzley. They use Cast Precision projectiles with BH of 18-21 which is very hard with a large metplat. Velocity is advertised as 2050 fps. From an 18.5 inch barrelled Marlin Guide Gun they acheived and ave velocity of 1933 Fps and 3357 Ft pounds of energy. Normal hard cast projectiles are generally BH 16. In some of the Utube articles firing the Grizzley load, they are still trying to recover a projectiles. Interesting watch.

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