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09/10/18 04:20 AM
Re: Cartridges based on the .303 British


Back in the day some great old wildcats on the 303 in Aussie & most people hunted with them unless wealthy, the .22 on the 303 case was the main Roo gun in many forms, all of these wildcats could really cook in the P14 Mauser action !

Daryl did you ever build a rifle in .40/60 Maynard

I wanted one as well. I never got one assembled though. I do have a #3 and a #4 that would work, but the #4 is busy right now driving 174's at 2,960fps. It made a 1 1/2" group at 100 meters with those - just 3 shots. It was Ken Waters .312 Express. I did not know he'd done that at the time I cobbled mine together.

I also necked some .303's of various lengths down to hold .224" bullets, just because.

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