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08/10/18 03:52 PM
Re: Cartridges based on the .303 British

Back in the day some great old wildcats on the 303 in Aussie & most people hunted with them unless wealthy, the .22 on the 303 case was the main Roo gun in many forms, all of these wildcats could really cook in the P14 Mauser action !

Daryl did you ever build a rifle in .40/60 Maynard, the was one of the calibers I was thinking years back for one if my Lee Speed projects before deciding on the .405Win, which later one of our members went ahead & built, using the brass I had got in to do mine .

I have a barrel from Canada in the rack off a Martini waiting still it is in .400 Express or Britsh, which is the .303 necked to .405 I broke the extractor fitting it to the Martini for testing but it will one day go on the Speeder !

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