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13/10/07 03:30 PM
Re: 12GA From Hell

A bullet fella contacted me and he will make
750gr jacketed 12ga slugs for buck and a half.
He uses Corbin equipment, and that is a very
great price as others have quoted almost
50% more. Minimum order 500 bullets.He
has to get couple pieces of punch and die
tooling to make them .729" to fit most rifled
barrels, and he will get tooling if we pay
half, which is 300 bucks. I want to find
10 guys to put in 30 each plus order 50 or
a hundred and we have him get tooling ordered.
Contact me so I can see how many want to get
in on the deal.Then after I tally everyone
I will get back to you for the funds for dies
for you to send the them to him..Here is pic
of a sizer we got that does plastic
cases back to factory specs in few seconds
and allows 3 times more reloads. It will
also do the RMC cases I have. No more cases
sticking in dies, or spending 5 min
to get them sized only half assed.ED.

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