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16/08/12 10:53 AM
Re: 12GA From Hell

For you folks in Australia, Bertram is
getting ready to make the run of my 585HE
cases. Would there be a bunch of you
interested in a group buy, of the cases
right direct from him. If so, no time like now,
and he will be able to make more runs later,
whenever needed, as the production of my
cases works along with continuing orders
of another cartridge he has to make every
month or two.. I can't ship economically to you
from US, when you there can get from him
for 3 bucks US each. And Manson Reamers
here in US can supply reamers, CH4D in US
has the die sets. It is perfect case for
bolt guns and falling blocks, and I even have
it in break actions. A light load is 750 gr
at 22-2300, and any action a 505 Gibbs
fits into will do 585HE. And I have loads all
tested, developed. I plan on using the rest
of my days making this case the best and
most used 577/585 big bore. I'm also posting this
message for African and Canadian shooters.
Time to step out and
join the fun......ED

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