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13/01/10 06:16 PM
Re: 12GA From Hell

Yes a proper collet closer/crimper with needed strength
I can't afford either. So I am making them with base cups
epoxied on,as guys wanting them for their collections.
Anyone wanting one, 20 bucks shipping included, in the lower
48 by UPS. That is loaded and primed with jacketed slug.

Here is picture of Brett Ittel's Savage 210 he has setup.
It has a 3.5" 12ga chamber in a heavy 27" Pacnor barrel,
that he put in place of original. He also put in a Knoxx
spring/cam recoil absorbing butt plate in the hollow
Savage plastic stock. He replace the plastic parts of the
absorber with aluminum parts. It is shown without the boot
so you can see how it is in the butt.He also has an oversize
pad on it. He hasn't weighted the gun with anything else and
it shoots comfortable, even off the bench with loads that get
a 500gr slug in a BPI sabot over 3000 fps. He gets this speed
with BPI and 500 gr in 3.5" plastic cases. He also can use
3.5" RMC cases and our BMG based case, cut to 3.5"...Ed

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