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04/03/09 04:01 PM
Re: 12GA From Hell

Daryl- yes it is a 10ga steel shot wad with the Lyman
slug in it. A 12ga thin wadcup with same slug fits 12ga
which is what most guys use that Lyman for. The 10ga
thick steel cups are only a dime so it is easier than
trying to increase diameter of thin cups.In this way
we can use same slug for 12 and 10 ga.
Here is what a 600gr super hardened Dixie slug
at 29-3000 plus does to two mild steel plates with
2" wood between them. Fired from our long case
in the Savage.Two plates are soft mild steel.
In hole nice and round. Out, in back plate jagged.
Anyone interested in the 12ga Encore
with 3.5" chambers, that I tested loads in,
it is on Gunbroker..Ed

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