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11/08/12 01:13 AM
Re: Australian Big Game rifle Club Nationals, Tasmania 28/7/12

Thanks K re the photos. Hopefully Wayne's are better!

My camera also gave up at the end, probably from getting some rain inside. Used the video camera as video and camera from then on. I want to splice together the 'action' scenes from the video footage into something exciting. Nothing like a good action youtube video to promote the discipline.


To any BGRC guys out there lurking. This is NOT the time not to join in. For one thing I would like to have all the persons named and if they are willing, (or you if one) what you are shooting, even if just the calibre. The photos represent a good opportunity to promote the club and discipline.

I'll get the guys joined who said they tried to use hotmail or gmail to join and were unsuccessful. Actually I will reallow these email accounts to be used for membership, but people MUST MENTION WHAT THEIR INTEREST IS! ie BGRC, doubles, hunting whatever. In the BIO, thanks. The usual applicant from gmail wants to promote porn! (ie spammers).

Anyone else from the BGRC that wants to join but has been unsuccessful, just mention you are from the BGRC. Branch would be good too.

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