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07/08/12 07:28 AM
Re: Australian Big Game rifle Club Nationals, Tasmania 28/7/12

Apart from the weather being a tad on the cool side for some of our guests from up north, it was a great day. Excellent company, nice rifles to see and see being fired, black powder fog, great food, and a day shooting our favorite rifles, what more could one ask for.

It was great to meet and catch up with friends and make some new ones. One friend I hadnít seen for about fifteen years (makes me sound a whole lot older than I feel). It was really good catching up with him.

To see rifles and bore guns from the likes of Rigby, Westley Richard, Holland, Gibbs, Watson, Webley, Army & Navy, Jeffery, Heym, Merkle, Winchester, Ruger and a host of others being used was fantastic. The collection of fine custom built rifles accumulated there was terrific.

Some of the shooting was outstanding. Some of mine was just plain out but all in all a whole lot of fun.

One thing I love about the BGR is the willingness of people there to lend their rifles to someone else (and supply the ammo) so that person can compete in a class they donít yet have a rifle for. That sort of thing is very common. Many thanks to all who did that on the day, very generous and very appreciated by all recipients.

John that camera technique could maybe be called a ďquad podĒ, donít know if we could patent that.

I think the lovely Ms. White was using a Westley Richards in 300 Savage. Someone please correct me there if Iím wrong there, but it was sure nice to see a younger female politician there doing the opening honours.

Crutches did make it a little challenging getting to the firing line etc, but matthew69ís wife and kids were extremely willing gun bearers, and they were greatly appreciated too. Thanks guys and girls. And well shot Emily. Fantastic effort.

Now Iíve got to try to organize getting to Darwin for next yearís event.


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