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05/08/12 09:36 AM
Re: Australian Big Game rifle Club Nationals, Tasmania 28/7/12


It was great to catch up to you and yeah, putting a face to a name is good. You will not be disappointed with the 7D, and I am looking forward to seeing your photos. The 7d will capture more of them in burst mode than most others.

It is great to see some up and coming younger shooters in this event and sooner or later us oldies will have to bow out to them, but until them we will try to make them earn their stripes. Many of the double rifles are well over 100 years old and still performing, one wonders how long these weapons will keep going for. The Ruger #1 is the prominent new rifle in various custom calibres from 45-70, 45-110, 450 3 1/4, 500 express and 577. There were also some nice 98's there as well.

Looking forward to Darwin.


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