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04/08/12 09:30 PM
Australian Big Game rifle Club Nationals, Tasmania 28/7/12

The Tasmanian Branch of the BGRC hosted the 2012 Nationals at the Copping range on Saturday 28/7/12 in bleak weather with some wind, a bit of rain and cold weather. There were 32 shooters nominated from most states of Australia and two from the USA. It was a busy day with I think 7 seven events from memory. It is amazing when you have an event like this and you have .1% deciding first and second.
Robert Christopher 1st with a score 329.7%
Graeme Wright 2nd with a score 329.6%
Mark hibbert 3rd with a score 328.0%
Wayne Russell 4th witha score 326.8%

The Victorian team won the teams event with Tasmania coming second and USA coming third.
The event was well organised with a lot of work by Barry Evans and the bar for the next one has been set very high. There were some very old and beautiful firearms being put to good use by there owners and the Shoot was opened by M.P. Rebecca White.
As I do not know how to put photos on this site I have sent a CD of images to John who might be able to put a couple of interesting shots up.

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