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Friends of NE Forums voluntary fund raising

Friends of the Forums Voluntary Contribution/Donation

In the fifteen years (December 2002) since the has existed, we have never asked members for a contirbution to the running costs of the forums or site. However NE for the first time is asking members if they are willing to make a VOLUNTARY contribution or donation to the running costs.

In the January to March period there is always a number of fairly large bills needing to be paid. In the past your host has covered these entirely.

Any contribution by a member is purely voluntary and up to the member. The member can choose the amount of funds they wish to contribute or choose a fixed "Friends of NE" option for individuals or businesses.

Members who do not make a donation to the running costs of NE will still enjoy most of the benefits they have enjoyed in the past.

And don't worry, the will continue to operate regardless.

Friends of the Forums

Voluntary contributions to the running costs of NE

Individual Friends of NE, will continue to enjoy certain benefits, such as an increased private message limit (currently no limit is set for members), and other benefits to be added in the future.

Business contributors will be able to use their signature line to include a business reference or web address for their business, graphic etc. They will also have the option to have a banner graphic added for their business on the forums for complying businesses. They will also be able to enjoy the use of their own Friends (business) forum of their own, similar to the current Sponsors forums. And other benefits as time goes on.

Per the Forum and site rules, to advertise or conduct business on the forums and site the member must be a sponsor or now a Business Friend of NE. Or as otherwise agreed to in the past.

In the past we have had some business say they do not wish to become a sponsor of the site, but are willing to make a similar contribution. So either option exists for businesses. To become a sponsor, if so please enquire, or to become as a Business Friend of NE.

Choose your donation amount using this link:

Please include your alias if possible

OR choose a "Friends of NE" option:

Choose a subs option:
Friends of NE Vol subscription
Please rec your member alias

You can unsubscribe at any time:

Members making a donation to the running costs of NE, a Friends, or individual or business contribution, are still obligated under the joining rules, or as amended, of the forums.

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