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25/03/10 11:16 PM
Re: Problems with registering as a new member - auto emails!

I've worked through some old emails in the past week.

And sent out reply emails or manually joined people up.


Unfortunately you may have problems for two reasons:

1. Spammers. We manually check every membership application. We check your linked website, we check your IP address, we check your location, we sometimes check the email address, where it exists in the real world. If it looks suspicious it gets binned!

If this happens to you and you are a real member interested constructively in the site, we apologise. There is a manual mechanism to join. Also tell us why you are interested.

But we also review new members, if you are a spammer and change your details later, you will get BINNED with no query or right of response.

2. Email Verifications. These continue not to get through to a lot of people, unfortunately the spammers seem to get the emails, and real people sometimes do not.

The system sends the emails properly, but they get stopped somewhere for some reason.

The manual joining system exists for you. But if your email is not correct or is not maintained, it is a condition of staying a member, so if a false one is used, your account may get closed.


Unfortunately all of the above is time consuming, so sometimes it takes time to get to emails and manual applications. So if it took too long to get to your email query, all I can do is apologise. And get to it when there is time.

I hope everyone becoming a member has fun, joins in the discussions, shares their photos, ask or answers questions but mainly has fun.



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