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24/12/08 04:10 PM
Problems with registering as a new member - auto emails!

We are experiencing a fair number of prospective members having problems joining as a result of not receiving the AUTO emails generated by the forums software.

We have tested joining up and always received the AUTO emails so are unaware of what is causing the problems. They could be a problem with the software, servers used etc.

But more likely the emails are being filtered or stopped outside our servers eg by spam filtering software which also can stop legitimate emails as well. AUTO emails may well be filtered by some spam filtering software on ISPs, email servers, PCs etc.

So if you are a PROSPECTIVE MEMBER having these problems I will join you up manually.



login name
display name
email address
suggested password

Also please include a brief paragraph or two on why you want to join the Forums.


We get a lot of attempts by spammers to join, so in some cases your application may be deleted by mistake. If you tell us why your are interested, it makes a big difference.


I will manually confirm your email address.

Please send the email to:

Nitro (AT)

substituting an @ in the appropriate place (ie I get enough spam without putting my email address openly).

I hope this works for those prospective members having problems.

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