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07/03/10 04:51 AM
Re: The Hippo and Giraffe Thread

Good thread again!

I wrote an about one page long description of the hunt, but when I hit "submit" the text was lost.
So no story but here's the photo of my bull from last September in Kwe-Kwe in Zimbabwe (5m 40 cm, i.e. 17' 8" and approx. 2 tons).
I took him with the PH's Winchester model 70 in .416 Remington Magnum using 400grs A-Frames.
One shot would have been enough as it was through both lungs and the top of the heart; but I additionally took 3 back-up shots 2 of which missed completely; plus the finisher at the base of the neck.

I consider giraffe intersting big game: it is quite challenging to hunt, requires a heavy caliber and good bullets; yet it's fairly cheap to hunt making it an interesting proposition to a hunter of meager means.

- Lars/Finland

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