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01/01/23 07:10 AM
Re: The 10 Most Underrated Cartridges


480 Ruger is a fantastic cartridge

In numerous tests on nasty bovine on the Texas ranches, the 480 has shown itself to perform far beyond it's appearance on paper

Part of what makes it so good, aside the performance on large game animals, is how manageable it is
Also it's able to be built on a relatively compact and lightweight (easily carried) New Model Blackhawk and Bisley

Comparing it to the 454, the 480 does it's thing at 48000 psi, where the Casull runs at 65000 psi
That's a big difference for the shooter


Great info on the 480 Ruger. When I bought my 454, I looked at the 480 and decided to go with the 454 as I reload and could load down to "cowboy" loads to real thumpers. My intent was to load down to a more managable load for most of my shooting though the last 100 rounds I loaded are somewhat hot.

I didn't know the operating pressure of the 480 which is significantly higher than the 44 Mag and, with a 325 gr bullet, makes it a fairly powerful cartridge. If you reload, have you used hard cast bullets?

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