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15/05/19 11:50 AM
Re: Hammer forged barrels..test shows how heat effects barrels


Ripp, that is a good article and gives us new ideas, like the effect of barrel contour, to think about.
However I am with Daryl on the accuracy stakes. With the exception of my 35Whelen which has a Walter Lothar barrel all my best shooters have hammer forged barrels. Also Blaser (and whoever the parent company is) use hammer forged barrels. Not heard of a Blaser that does not shot small groups. Same for Sako and Tikka barrels.

Yes the barrel contour is one item I found very interesting..and never really considered that a lot before..sure, everyone knows a pencil thin barrel will heat quickly..BUT???

I do have a Sako model 75 in 375H&H that does not set the world on fire with its accuracy.. actually thinking of having it recrowned, etc.. if that doesn't work, get a new barrel..

We do have 3 Tikka's however that shoot really well.. along with a Blaser..

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