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10/11/09 11:25 PM
Re: 8mm bullets for heavy game

Hello Lars,

I shot a sow (72kg dressed) with the 8x57 IS and two of the 196grs Woodleigh SPRN. Distance was about 10 meters, animal 1x square, 1x quartering away; muzzle velocity 720 m/s out of a 54cm barrel(measured at load development).
Results on the sow:
2x complete penetration, bullet holes showed expansion, animal lay within 15 meters.
1x shoulder blade penetrated, both shots in the heart/lung area (from slightly above)

Next step up in bullet weight and penetration would be the 200grs PP and 220grs PP (for 8x68S or 8mm Rem. Mag.) from Woodleigh.

best regards

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