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06/11/09 01:06 AM
Re: 8mm bullets for heavy game


I've seen pictures of a few 9,3x53R's and have a dummy round sent to me by Henry Paasikivi, the President of SAKO back in the '80's. He also sent me a dummy of the 8,2 and a few others. I got my info on the 8,2 from the late Pertti Kekkonen with whom I corresponded then, too. I don't recall the details but have them in my notes. The law barring use of 7.62 and below calibers no longer exists, does it?

You're quite right: the accuracy of the rifles, even old ones, is still today quite astonishing. From the point of view of accuracy and serviceability, there is little or no reason for anyone owning one of those rifles (or a sporterized one) to give it up in favor of a newer one, to be quite honest. This was also one of the motivations behind me starting to customize the existing rifle rather than buying a new one.

I remember now that we've had discussions before: You then mentioned your correspondence with the late P.T. Kekkonen - quite a character he was! The Gunwriters Forum is still a marvelous source of accurate information and curio, although it is no longer updated of course.

The current gun laws are very lenient (the current law is currently under revision, though; after two very nasty and unfortunate school shootings) so the only restrictions one has with regards to hunting caliber is suitability and minimum power requirements. With sporting guns suitability for the intended use is the only criteria applied.
For moose, the .308 and .30-06 are still most popular, and if we add the 7,62x53R on top of that they cater for about 75% of all moose taken annually. The only smaller one really to have gained some ground is the 6,5x55 Swede, and a beautiful cartridge it is, too!


Anyway, the Lapua 200 grain 8x57 bullet performed very well in m tests.

Sorry, is this the 8mm Lapua Naturalis you're talking of, or the lead-core Mega bullet?
I know only of the 180grs Naturalis in 8mm!


By the way, I really like the rifle. I'm glad you did it your way and didn't try to rebuild it to "original" condition. Your ideas for hunting rifle look VERY practical, useful and obviously are proven to be so!

We only live once....


I imagine an original 95 in .30-40, .30-06 or .405 is a very rare rifle over there!

Have only ever once heard of a .30-06, and I don't know if it was a Brownchester or an original Winchester.
A .30-40 would be nice; but probably the 7,62x53R is better suited for our hunting in any case.

- Lars

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