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05/11/09 01:40 PM
Re: 8mm bullets for heavy game


I got a kick out of your Mosin-Nagant reponse. Chuckle chuckle. But since I own the ugliest dog in the world and thought a M-N might go well with him.

They are indeed a crude contraption, but can be VERY accurate. I used to collect them. The 28/30's and 39's are real tackdrivers, and with the Finnish improvement to the trigger would make a very good-shooting hunting rifle. I've seen pictures of a few 9,3x53R's and have a dummy round sent to me by Henry Paasikivi, the President of SAKO back in the '80's. He also sent me a dummy of the 8,2 and a few others. I got my info on the 8,2 from the late Pertti Kekkonen with whom I corresponded then, too. I don't recall the details but have them in my notes. The law barring use of 7.62 and below calibers no longer exists, does it?

Anyway, the Lapua 200 grain 8x57 bullet performed very well in m tests. Heavily loaded, too.

By the way, I really like the rifle. I'm glad you did it your way and didn't try to rebuild it to "original" condition. Your ideas for hunting rifle look VERY practical, useful and obviously are proven to be so!

It is a funny fact that the most common chambering {by far} in the M95 Winchester was the 7,62x53R. But, of course, not here...they are rare as hen's teeth here. I imagine an original 95 in .30-40, .30-06 or .405 is a very rare rifle over there!

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