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05/11/09 12:20 AM
Re: 8mm bullets for heavy game

Fabulous job on the rebuild!!!

On my pic I couldn't see a lever, and now I see the magazine that looked like part of your coat...I thought it was a restocked Browning BAR!

But I'm glad to see it is a Classic Finn.

And yes, the 8,2. {Wasn't it created due to a circa 1930's hunting law that banned 7.62 and smaller rounds for hirvi?}

Really, a very nice "modernized" oldie there. I have a thing for personal touches on hunting rifles, and really enjoy seeing others' ideas on what works and then seeing them actually going out and putting those ideas into wood and steel. VERY nice.

And as for working, well, THAT's obvious! Thanks very much for posting.

By the way, what dies are you using for handloading the 8,2x53R?

For a long time I've kicked around the idea of buying a cheap Mosin-Nagant and going to town on it...with a 9,3x53R the result. You are making it pretty hard to avoid...I do believe you have one or more of them, too?

Edit: for testing media, you might try adding something to stress the bullets a bit. Say, set up your wet paper with a sheet of plywood inside about 10 to 15 cm deep, followed by more paper. I've found the boards break petals, plug HP's and tear at jackets in a similar sort of way that ribs etc do in a game animal. Not identical, but the hard wood adds a feature that makes bullets look alot more like those recovered from game and sometimes reveals weaknesses that pure wet paper doesn't. Wet paper creates beautiful mushrooms but seems relatively gentle on bullets. Just my $.02... Thanks for a great and unique post!

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