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12/10/22 03:40 AM
Re: Bihar man-eating tiger that killed 10 shot dead

I was just now able to see the videos from the links at the end of the post. The pulling of the hair may be a similar "deal" to the slapping with sandals at the head of Saddam Hussein. A show of disdain or, hate or perhaps a lack of fear.
Kinda like the Dentist and Orthodontist from Kalispel I guided for moose. The both told me that their tags for moose, goat, black bear and wolves, were tertiary to them each shooting a grizzly bear. At the time, I felt this was solely to prove they were REAL men.
The both got wolves, B. Bears and moose. 10 day hunt. They wrote Igor they thought he should give them a free hunt as they didn't shoot "their" grizzly bears or goats.

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