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23/05/11 05:35 PM
Re: Aussie & South Pacific Red Deer Photo Thread


Yes, if you follow the link, these reds were deer farm escapees from quite a few years back, whom had drifted into fallow country, and the landowners wanted them culled out.

I could have shot a lovely 6-pointer 2 or 3 years earlier (?) whom just stared at us. Until of course I got the camera out. The club observer didn't know if we were allowed to shoot the reds, but meeting the owner later, absolutely. Too late.

This stag was not standing around. He had been lying up in some thick bushes, and took off up the opposing hill as soon as he saw us approaching. I shot him up the arse, the only shot I could take, and again once or twice in the chest as he turned from the first shot.

A friend gave me year's ago the skull cap of a spiker to examine which they had shot spotlighting. Should have been a fallow, but it was definitely a red too. That's from another area again.

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