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07/05/10 07:54 AM
Re: Aussie & South Pacific Red Deer Photo Thread

Gryphon, yes, it can be difficult country, the bush can be thick and wet and the open tops rugged. Real wilderness, and the weather changes every other hour. The kind of place where if you dont take a locater beacon people look at you funny nowadays.
The 15 pointer in the first photograph I had been stalking for the last four years. I was well pleased with that.

Ben, I have been through a few. The BLR is a .308 and that stag was shot with a fogged useless scope at 10 yards and the rifle had a broken extracter...The ZG47 I dont own anymore, but had a wonderful piece of walnut on it and shot very well. The barrel had been cut down too short for me though so I sold it. Sigh...I should have kept it really.
Currently I am running a Harrington and Richardson made Mauser actioned 7x57 from 1984 with a great figured walnut stock. I have yet to hunt with it as I just got it the other week, plan to be out with it next month...I rate the 7x57 very highly. And for close bush hunting, round nose bullets in this caliber are devastating.

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